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Kamarane got us locked into her "4am Thoughts"

Emerging London based singer Kamarane makes her debut release "4am Thoughts" and, to be honest, she doesn't sound green from what we heard. She may be young but her vocals and songwriting sound far beyond her age.

Armed with a sublime and an equally agile vocal tone, Kamarane easily delivers the goods on this tune which sees her reminiscing on the good times in a relationship gone sour. She makes good use of the ethereal, crisp backdrop as her silky vocals slowly build up to a crescendo on the chorus and soften as the verses kick in. This is far from a sob story but rather she depicts those late nights what-if moments, where one's mind, is caught up with someone from the past, and the floodgates of memories start pouring in.

Not much else is known about her but she is definitely one to watch as she steadily builds her discography with time.

Connect with Kamarane: Spotify | | Instagram



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