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merci, mercy fears everything will “Fall Apart” in newest track

At just 19-years-old, singer/songwriter merci, mercy is making her way up the music scene with pop anthems filled with dark lyrics and bright melodies. Her debut single "Fucked Myself Up", just released this past March, has already racked up over 2.3 million Spotify streams. It’s probably her candidness about being imperfect. Today, she keeps the theme going as she unveils her newest track "Fall Apart”.

A powerful backbeat and a pulsing guitar drive the track. Her vocals are mellow, similar to Billie Eilish or Beabadoobee. Still, they’re effective when she belts her frustrations in the chorus. The track also comes with a pretty pastel animated lyric video. From drawings of merci, mercy smoking to ones of words shattered by hammers, the video captures her sound of angsty lyrics against catchy, upbeat rhythms. 

Her “blue hair” and “neon print jacket” make it seem like she doesn’t have an inch of self-doubt in her. In reality, though, she wears those things as her armor. Merci, mercy reveals how she gets nervous about relationships, and how that causes her to think the worst before anything even happens. 

Merci, mercy elaborated more on the piece, confessing, “‘Fall Apart' references the cynical version of myself. Where I question the point in starting something with someone when I know it’s just going to end. In my mind I think I’m going to get hurt, so will it be worth it? It’s an apology and explanation to any future relationship that could be harmed by my cynical mind."

Primarily, merci, mercy wants to reach out to her fans through her music, become relatable. She hopes she instills others with the courage “to talk about that side of mental health. To not be ashamed of it, to shine a light on what we put ourselves through.”

Listen to merci, mercy’s second release, “Fall Apart”, out now.

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