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Papoose's bars are so rare that he is an 'Endangered Species'

New York City's very own Papoose released his fiery bar-filled album 'Endangered Species.'


I remember rapping along to Papoose when he released  "Alphabetical Slaughter" back in 2004 and "Hail Mary" back in 2005. Since, and throughout his career, Papoose has remained consistent through hip-hop's evolution, with lyricism that is top-tier due to his intelligent ability to couple words together and make them rhyme fluidly is completely unmatched. Recently, he has dropped numerous tracks, such as, "CC" and "The Golden Child" both featuring his wife Remy Ma, an untouchable female artist from The Bronx, New York. 
His new album, 'Endangered Species,' is cleverly titled and metaphorically matches the theme throughout the entire album, especially on the track "Boxcutter." Papoose begins by rapping "I got the deadliest pen, who's dropping as heavy as him...They ain't the best, they pretend." Through exceptional lyricism and intricate wordplay, he shows how he is indeed an endangered species and is cut from a rare cloth by the way he creates a unique formula when it comes to words. Being a word scientist, he presents a calm demeanor yet the strength in his tone and the power in the message leaves a lasting impact, creating unique chemicals in his gift. The talented producer Brady Watt brilliantly mixed different instruments and sounds, such as the guitar and the keys, together creating the perfect instrumentals to match Papoose's raw lyrics. Undoubtedly bringing old New York rap back to the scene time and time again, Papoose brings this authenticity every single time he comes on the mic. 
The fifth track of the album, "The Human Body (The Brain)," is undoubtedly captivating and quickly lures us all in. Opening up with some intriguing sounds, Brady Watt has us automatically feeling like we are in a video game and stimulation. On top of this, Papoose is extremely gifted, metaphorically taking us on a psychological warfare journey in today's society. In order to create this kind of environment, he raps at the speed of light while his mind-blowing impeccable flow leads the way. Through the phenomenal wordplay, he takes us through a scientific journey of the different parts of the brain and how that affects all of us, using witticism through writing to show how complicated human beings are. Press play and enter a hip-hop science class from 2 minutes and twenty four seconds. 
To top it all off, this album was mixed and mastered by Parks, creating a flawlessly clean finish. Tune into this album so we can try to save an endangered species from going extinct. 
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