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Charmaine makes major label debut with “BOLD” [Video]

Toronto rapper Charmaine has made her official Warner Music Canada debut with her latest single, “BOLD.” The accompanying music video places the artist’s unique style and effortless charisma at the forefront, demanding respect as the “Queen of the North.” The single delivers fierce bars with a steady and strong composure. 

“BOLD” has a rudimentary hip hop beat with a trap flair. Equipped with constant bass, the slight sound of a dolphin’s squeak is woven within the measures along with subtle pin drops. The beat accentuates Charmaine’s stylishness and noticeable originality. She raps, “This hurricane on my wrist, Katrina’s daughter / took a flight, took a trip, come get your father.” Her verses are simplistic enough to act as camouflage in mainstream rap but funky enough to stand out with an up and coming freshness.

Charmaine’s fierce demeanor is felt throughout the entire video. One view and listen is an instant confidence boost. She describes the creative process, “I want people to feel like they can do anything. Be anything. They don’t have to pretend to be something they’re not. I want them to feel like stepping into their own power. To be bold is to be fearless, unapologetically you.” The artist has a bold individuality and the talent to match. With the recent backing of a major record label, “BOLD” is a must listen for hip hop and R&B fans everywhere. 

Connect with Charmaine: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Apple Music

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