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Luna Shadows releases the modern-day love song “battery life”

California-based artist Luna Shadows makes dark alt-pop. Like the moon, though, her music and lyrics beam bright against the night sky. Shadows has released singles and EPs, which have established her signature style and themes.  Today, however, she’s releasing “battery life” ahead of her debut album, Digital Pacific.

A love song for the modern age, “battery life” compares technology with love. Just like it seems that people cannot live without their phones, Shadows admits that she cannot live without certain people in her life. Musically, she captures this extended metaphor with a faint pulsing beat and virtual glitches. The digital harmonies against her own delicate, airy vocals shine and chime like a cellphone. At the end, her voice fades out into a background static hum, composed of layered samples of laptops, birds chirping, and the ambiance of a crowd. She manages to make a song sound like a photograph.

“battery life” is the closer on Shadows’ upcoming album Digital Pacific, set to release on February 12, 2021. Apparently, the album is composed of 18-tracks, each set at different pinpoints in California, but all revealing Shadows’ love and other feelings for the state. It almost sounds like she will be the Joan Didion of songwriting. With her vivid productions, it will be interesting to see these places described in her eyes.

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