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Super DB's "Open Line To Me" is a heartfelt tribute to the 80s

London-based Super DB caught our ears with their stylish fusion of disco and funk on their new single "Open Line To Me."  Made up of twin brothers J-M Sutcliffe (guitars and vocals), J-P Sutcliffe (drums, vocals, keys and percussion), bassist Lorenzo Bassignani and Matt Dibble (keys, vocals, sax and clarinet), the four piece marries a plethora of genres in such an effortless manner.

From the rollicking guitar riffs, warm throbbing basslines, and a vocal style reminiscent of luminaries such as Kool & the Gang et al, the band truly showcase their stuff on this smooth laidback jam. The vocal performance is truly magnificent and dynamic too as the band display ranges from high to low as the song progresses. With regard to songwriting, they also tap into the 80s era with references to phone lines in a retro-fitted manner allowing the modern touch to also shine through.

They are currently in the studio working on their forthcoming LP Ecoute Ca, which is the follow up to their 2017 EP Listen To This. Get "Open Line To Me" on Soundcloud.

Connect with Super DB: Bandcamp | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

80's · Future Funk


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