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Grab a spoon and dive into Simpson's "Cherry Ice Cream Sundae"

Virginia's Simpson is nothing short of a smooth-talking, vibrant colored enigma. Yet somehow, she has managed to stay largely under the radar over the past few years, though not for lack of talent. The proudly independent artist has been somewhat inactive since 2017's "Switch Lanes," the prodigious debut that has almost reached its two million streams mark on Spotify. This year, gratefully, has seen her release three new singles as dedications to friends, quarantine sanity, and justice for Breonna Taylor. Her latest, "Cherry Ice Cream Sundae," however, is a delicate track that may be her most personal dedication yet—a dedication to you.

There is a poetic justice to the way Simpson twists her words, teaching them how to move rather than bending them to her will. She takes her time, as if unaware of the growling beat that carries her voice across a lush landscape of dancing instruments. "And I smile because I can / It's like eating a cherry ice cream sundae when it's raining," she softly croons, sharing her revelation like a secret she's now sworn you to keep. Rather than spell out self-love in a monochromatic verse, she explores its definition in hushed affirmations, only to be rivaled by the flirtations of the intrepid saxophone and lingering bass.

“Who are we when we allow ourselves to be whole, unfiltered, messy and kind of like ice cream?" she notes. "We get a spoon to share with a friend. We all crowd under one small umbrella to shield ourselves from the rain. Small gestures like these can be a world of difference. They remind us that we are already whole, good, and deserve to treat ourselves with as much tenderness as we treat everyone else.”

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Alternative R&B · Indie · Neo-Soul


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