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Pete Josef returns with brilliant visuals for "Giants" [Video]

Those who have heard Pete Josef’s debut album Colour from 2015 are already aware of his huge talent and level of creativity. Having been on a bit of an hiatus since then, the Bristol born multi-instrumentalist has been sliding back into the music world ahead of his new album entitled I Rise With the Birds, which is due for release on October 16 via Sonar Kollektiv. Today at EARMILK, Josef is premiering the stylish new video for his powerful single “Giants.”

With a heavy afrobeat flavor, the music of “Giants” bursts out of the speakers with remarkable energy without sacrificing an ounce of taste. The rhythm section is rock solid with an unrelenting groove that is complimented with illustrious horn parts and synth lines that deftly weave through the mix. All the while, Josef’s vocals, along with those of collaborator Marie Lister, give the song shape through their soulful delivery as they honor the lineage of innovation and the great minds that shaped civilization.  

Keeping with the dynamic energy of the music, the colorful video from DVAcine shows a diverse cast of characters on a train ride with elaborate outfits and playful personalities. The scene evolves from a formal meal to an all out dance party, underscoring Josef’s danceable beat and infectious energy. With the bright visuals adding an extra dimension to the already impressive “Giants,” Pete Josef appears ready to unleash more of his creative spirit on the world.

I Rise With The Birds is available to pre-order here.

Connect with Pete Josef: Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Bandcamp | Website

Afrobeat · Alt-Pop · Dance · Funk · Premiere


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