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Plutonic Lab and Black Milk point out the "Enemy"

As Australian producer Plutonic Lab is preparing to drop his new EP, he links up with famed Detroit rapper and producer Black Milk on "Enemy." The politically-charged track comes equipped with an equally energetic production. From the triumphant horns, sizzling synths, to the heavy drums, Black Milk's fiery performance plays the center role as he shares his frustrations on wax.

“Enemy” is brutally honest and looks at the contradictions and priorities of the political and elite class of the United States which also carries a message that resonates worldwide. Black Milk questions why “they concerned about a border” while also being hopeful with "hope we get the chance to see the game change/all we see is hate and love painted in the same frame." The two recorded the song together several years back while Black Milk was touring Australia and the message is more than apt in these times we live in.

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