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Palberta shine in new single "Before I Got Here"

Three piece Palberta are back with the first single "Before I Got Here" off their forthcoming album Palberta5000 out early 2021 on Wharf Cat Records. Clocking in at 3 minutes 30 seconds, "Before I Got Here" is Palberta's longest single by a mile and highlights the band's capacity to reinvent and expand their sound.

Equipped with a bass line that won't quit, a tasty three part harmony dropout and warm horns that bolster experimental yet melodic horns, "Before I Got Here" is a masterclass in musicianship and collaboration. Inviting vulnerability through lyrics that touch on a fraught relationship, the track melds each member's voice and instruments in a buoyant and hypnotic swirl. 

The accompany video offers the band dancing in an open field and driving down the highway, singing all the while. The visuals highlight Palberta's friendship and the closeness afforded by touring and recording five albums together. Listening to Palberta is always an opportunity to hear something fresh and original, and Palberta5000 is set to offer more exciting hooks, emotion and tight harmonies.

Palberta5000 is available for pre-order here.

Connect with Palerta: Bandcamp | Instagram | Facebook  | Twitter



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