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Lou Berry releases thoughtful "Mine" music video

Parisian prodigy Lou Berry has just released a sultry new track "Mine," a more meditative cut that smoothly lures in a potential lover. The latest effort from the production wizard, along with a paired video, comes after the staggering "Dreamers" that came out last week.

Berry's production on "Mine" elegantly balances edgy electronic aesthetics with richly human piano chords. The juxtaposition in the beat is fitting given the surreal video, which quickly reveals strange alternate dimensions beyond the normal human forms. The track gradually develops in anxiety and urgency, delivering layer upon layer dissonant hums that each seem to pose a daunting existential question. Vocally, Lou Berry is smooth and poignant; his croons are reminiscent of a mid 2010's James Blake with a unique soul twisted in. The overall effort is incredibly stark and gorgeous, and witnessing it play out feels cinematic. The cohesion that Berry achieves here is a tremendous accomplishment in and of itself, as every visual and sonic aspect of the experience carries a familiar tinge of ambivalence.

Lou Berry's music can't be put in a box, whether it be with regards to genre, message, or even plane of existence. Both new singles, "Dreamers" and "Mine," come ahead of Berry's debut album Inner World which comes out this Friday October 9th. Inner World will be an ambitious concept album split into five sections with "Mine" kicking off the final leg. Berry's energy is both graceful and mysterious here; he masterminds an electronic noir mood that brings a certain sexiness to lonely late nights.

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