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Glass Peaks share their new anthemic single "Lift Me"

Fueled by infectious guitar lines, London alt-indie trio Glass Peaks share their new single "Lift Me." Rife with strong electric guitar lines, the single weaves itself around various indie genre to harness a plethora of rockier influences.

Despite Glass Peaks' usual energetic trajectory, the new single sees the band play with a ballad-like quality to perfect a hefty indie anthem. Layered with Alex Jefferies' vocals, "Lift Me" amalgamates guitar rhythms with earthy drum beats to produce a track that is a pure ear-worm. Drenched in cinematic traits, the single showcases Glass Peaks' versatility as a band breaking the alternative mold. 

"It's about needing someone else's strength and realising that no matter how resilient you are, you can't always carry the world on your shoulders. It's about the heady romantic night walks followed by mind numbing arguments. It's about realising your own self worth and actually putting your foot down for one. I suppose in general it's just about making a statement, and implementing the changes you want to see," shares Jefferies in a press release.

"Lift Me" is out now and is the perfect alt-rock single for today.

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Alternative Rock · Indie


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