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Mustard on Jagermeister, his moniker and more [Interview]

On September 9th, Jagermeister announced its Meister Class sessions. Shining a light on emerging creatives, the session gives one lucky winner the opportunity to work with Grammy Award-winning producer, Mustard. The Meister Class is dedicated to giving burgeoning artists the opportunity to have their voices heard. To kick the session off, Smino and Earthgang, will select participants to team up with on individual and original tracks. The winning artist will be provided with invaluable relationships and advice from great industry heads. In light of his new endeavor, I took some time to chop it up with Mustard about his upcoming mentorship, redefining his classic moniker, and women in the rap game. 

Mustard is no novice to working with rising artists, but the Meister Class gives him the chance to really dive deep into mentorship. With years of dedication and hard work, the music veteran will step in as the "Meister" and prep the winning artist for their own music release in December.  "I've mentored musicians before but not on this level, this time, they'll actually get a bit more of my expertise on what I think they should do", he expresses his new role in the session. As a producer, his ear for talent and creativity is complex so when asked what he's looking for, he couldn't put his finger on just one thing. "Every artist has something different about them, whether its melodies, lyrics, or overall style. So I'm just really excited about what we'll get", Mustard reveled in the excitement. Coming from humble beginnings, his desire to give back and help emerging artists, goes beyond the music. 

The multifaceted artist has been making quite a few changes, especially with his moniker. Not too long ago, he dropped "DJ" from his name, after years with the iconic title. "I'm more than a DJ. I'm a producer, a record exec, a writer, a label owner. I didn't want to box myself in". If you haven't been paying attention, Mustard established his own record label 100 Summers a few years ago and has consistently brought some heat to the industry through notable projects and ghostwriting. 

The pandemic has redefined daily routines and life for many but Mustard has been taking advantage of the new adjustment. Forced to stay in one spot, he's become more dedicated to health, fitness, and music. Perfect Ten dropped on June 28th of last year, but with plenty of time on his hands, fans can expect some new work sometime next year. Known for dropping feature-heavy projects, he dove into how he cohesively brings artists together for sonically-sound tracks. Collaborating with the guys in his camp, the creative process combines perfect timing, style-matching, and the fans. "Whoever we think would sound good on a song at that time, who the fans love, and just enjoying how they sound on my style of music", his creative process is inclusive and straight to the point. Women are taking over the industry with force and Mustard definitely has plans to team up with some of the most influential women in the game right now. Specifically looking forward to collaborating with Chika, be on the lookout for the takeover. 

Beyond the Meister Class, the man behind the music mentioned his potential collab with fan-favorite, Roddy Rich, and cultivating his own music for the next year. He didn't provide any detail on when fans can expect the new releases but hopefully, sometime soon. Dropping tracks with Polo G and Tee Grizzley among others, he's stayed pretty busy throughout the year, with the last quarter of 2020 is shaping up to be a great one for the producer. It's safe to say that with 2021 right around the corner, we can be on the lookout for some new music from Mustard. 

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