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Otik returns to Keysound Recordings with emotive two-track EP

Following stellar releases earlier this year, Otik has returned to Keysound Recordings with a new two-track EP. Amor / Seasonal FX once again showcases the Bristol-born DJ and producer’s range, coming together to offer two emotive tracks that sit at opposite ends of the spectrum.

“Amor” is a chuggy, offbeat roller that feels reminiscent of sunlight shining through into the club in the early hours of the morning. Sitting in the low 120bpms, “Amor” doesn’t need to rely on speed or intensity to make its impact. Ethereal synths are masterfully layered over a broken bassline to create a wholly euphoric track. Until venues reopen, this is the closest you’ll get to those joyous end-of-the-night memories; it's essential listening for an instant pick-me-up.

Otik explains that these tracks mean a lot to him, outlining that “they each remind me of two very significant periods of my life”. Whilst “Amor” is warm and comforting, “Seasonal FX” strays into darker territory. Distorted vocals sit over the rumbling breaks to make this one an undeniable club melter. It’s bassy, ravey, and yet keeps a distinctly emotional edge. It's one of those tracks that could be met with gun fingers or tears — and both would feel entirely appropriate.

Amor / Seasonal FX can be streamed and purchased via Bandcamp.

Connect with Otik: Spotify | Twitter | Instagram

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