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Keep Dancing Inc unveil the fizzy "No Milkshakes In Hell"

Lifted from the band's debut album, Parisian trio Keep Dancing Inc share their fifth single "No Milkshakes In Hell". Concoted with a weirdly wild concept, the track showcases the band as an exciting newcomer to the indie-pop scene. 

Laced with bouncy, fizzy synths, the single's underlying bass motifs create the perfect opportunity to drag those peace signs across the eyes. With its groovy interiors emitting a clear cut of crystal coolness, it's incredibly hard not to jiggle those shoulders while listening to this. 

For a split moment, Keep Dancing Inc bring pure sonic happiness into the world. Reminiscent of the brilliance of Johnny Marr's post-Smiths releases, this trio capture the heart of the 80s vibrancy and slap it together with shiny indie-pop production. Talking of the track's concept, the band explain: "It's about a psychopath who has an addiction for milkshake. The idea was probably inspired by movies like 'Profondo rosso' by Dario Argento or John Carpenter's 'Halloween', some movies Louis saw when he was writing the lyrics of the song."

Although there might not be any milkshakes in hell, there's a Keep Dancing Inc in heaven, and that's exactly where I want to be. Keep Dancing Inc's debut album EMBRACE is released October 23rd.

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