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Anjelica’s single “Ancient” take you to an astonishing alternative dimension [Video]

Anjelica is a mysterious, dark pop artist whose signature haunting releases ooze with intensity. Now she unveils another spine-chilling single “Ancient” with accompanying unearthly visuals. The track details a beautifully spiritual message of two souls reincarnating together in each lifetime, illustrating a powerful bond that can never be shattered. Emitting eerie arrangements and deep, moody vocals, it is easy to get sucked into the song’s hypnotizing fervor. The video showcases shiny, dark rocks and sensual contortionists, immediately transporting the viewer to a mystical world.

Anjelica’s journey has been a very fascinating one to say the least, as she has experienced some truly transformative occurrences in her life. It was not long after her mother’s passing, that she got the news of an unusual health scare. Losing her ability to sing or even speak, this medical enigma left her stunned. She still had some fight in her though and remembering the wise teachings of her mother she put those practices into place. Trying everything from meditation to psychedelics and plant-based medicines, she eventually healed and became much stronger from it. Now an even more dynamic and soulful singer, she has also added producer to her list of many talents. Watch the imaginative and eccentric visuals now.

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