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Jimkata unleashes their vintage inspired video “Bonfires”

Indie-rock outfit Jimkata came back from a two-year break with a renewed fervency and readiness for a new musical chapter. Transitioning to a more synth-centric sound, their music bursts with irresistible pop melodies and honest lyricism. Jimkata’s latest single “Bonfires” is a prime example of the trio executing that signature feel-good flair. The track surges with blazing vocals, spiraling synths and driving guitars crafting a nostalgic familiarity while still remaining current. The visuals pair seamlessly with the song’s retro feels as it possesses a distinct 80s film aesthetic. Complete with converse, bike riding and an old school boom box, viewers will appreciate the video’s classic charm laced with a supernatural twist.

Friends from an early age, Evan Friedell, Aaron Gorsch and Packy Lunn make up the adventurous rock collective based out of Ithaca and Los Angeles. With relatable lyrics and lush electro vibrancy, the group has constructed a sound seeping with sentimentality. Though Jimkata’s releases sonically differ from their idols such as James Taylor, it is through that style of music they have acquired their genuine love for storytelling and masterful musical finesse. Watch the cinematic video now and get transported to a world of nostalgic bliss.

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