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Jazmen Safina's "Summertime Love" is a winning ode to sunny days and short-lived flings [Video]

Jazmen Safina – a former Durham, NC resident who now calls Los Angeles home - satisfies our thirst for breezily paced R&B brilliance with the release of her late-summer bop Summertime Love. Working with producers Wrist, George "GBR" Reichart, and Mark “Keitel” Lowe Jr for the smoothly gliding tune, Safina casts herself in the role of an independent spirit who’s open to having a fun summer fling…just as long as the lucky guy understands that they’re through once the season is over.

 The song is masterfully driven by Jazmen’s sauntering voice, which is a sweetly smoky instrument that garners attention all on its own. It melts beautifully into Wrist’s smoldering soundtrack and allows our singer to pack tons of allure and sassy confidence into every phrase she utters. And while the pacing of “Summertime Love” is so mellow that it quickly gives you late-night vibes, the sun-drenched video that accompanies the track squarely focuses itself on daytime fun and relaxation. Mark “Keitel” Lowe Jr. also worked with our multi-tasking songbird to deliver a simple yet lovely video workup that finds the golden-toned Jazmen basking in the California sun with good friends and strong drinks at the ready.

“I wrote the lyrics to ‘Summertime Love’ a few years back. I was very single at the time and down for a summer fling” the singer-songwriter explains while providing a little background about the tune. While discussing her experience with directing the song’s video with Keitel, the up and coming singer joyfully declares “It was great! I've been working with him for a couple of years now so it was perfect directing the video with him…he pretty much already knew what I wanted. He already knew my vision”. For now, this new single serves as a savory starter dish before we are treated to a full-course serving when Safina's Fill Me Up album touches down on September 30th. Until then, be sure to take a dip in the easy-flowing sounds of “Summertime Love” as well as check out her 2017 album Homesick.

You can check out “Summertime Love” now on all streaming services.

Connect with Jazmen Safina: Bandcamp | Facebook | Instagram | Spotify | Twitter 


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