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Yugen Blackrok's "Ochre" follows her journey into self reliasation [Video]

Yugen Blakrok has shared a video for her song "Ochre," taken from her Anima Mysterium project. The title is an ode to the red, yellow, and white pigment that is important in Xhosa rituals and traditions.

Blakrok's knack for mixing mysticism, science, and her African roots are what makes her unique. Over the multi-layered ominous textures and sparse drum arrangements, she dives deep into her origins from her own unique perspective. Her poetic style and vivid lyrics do come into full play here with lines like  "...I'm unnatural naturally, surrounded by 3 angels as time curves in front of me/ to trace the line of my birth, I'm both gifted and cursed by a 13th fold gravitational wave..."  The track also has a smooth soothing feel especially in the chorus section where Blakrok just lets the instrumental play for a while.

The visual is something like a vision quest and follows Blakrok on an introspective journey. The shots are magnificent and show different parts of an exotic landscape, a mysterious abandoned castle, and a glimpse into the countryside.

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