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Yugen Blakrok is back as the "Gorgon Madonna"

Yugen Blakrok keeps on pushing the limits with her high concepts that fuse science, myth, religion and philosophical themes.  Just coming off her newest full-length project Animal Mysterium, she delivers another stunning visual for her song "Gorgon Madonna", a visceral gloomy track that sees Blakrok fusing the divine element of The Virgin Mary and the petrifying powers of the mythical character Medusa.  Sounds like a very potent combination too as Blakrok set off the alarms with her characteristic laid back, gravel vocals laced with graphic imagery. She does this with an effortless procedure over the gloomy backdrop laid before her.. Blakrok adds "...It is out of this vilification and exclusion of the female element that these two entities meet. Both inspire fear in Man. The Gorgon Madonna is the wrath of Medusa and Mary..."

The director Yann Marquis delivers a stunning visual for the song that plays off Blakrok's lyrics with visual motifs that run the gamut of Transversality of time (youth-old age), of matter (organic-electric), genre (masculine-feminine) and species (animal-human).  Get the song on Spotify and check Full Album here.

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