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Lindon fearlessly shows us his soul in "The Real Me" featuring RJay

Hip-hop artist Lindon returns with another moving and inspirational visual called "The Real Me" featuring RJay.  
Lindon has dropped a plethora of music this year. Earlier in 2020, Lindon and RJay released a project together titled Long Distance. Recently, this substantive artist also dropped a visual called "Closure," and "Queen." With this new visual for "The Real Me," we see a parallel theme that exists throughout his music. No matter the track, Lindon delivers conscious music that moves our spirit and makes us all think deeper, way passed the surface. 
In "The Real Me," Lindon proves to us that he is lionhearted. Through the passionate lyrics, he shows us that it is courageous to hold our soul on display for everyone to see. With metaphorical bliss, the songwriting reveals how important it is to remain our authentic selves, as he welcomes us into an artistic world he paints through a song. Opening the door for us to witness the true meaning of growth, the powerful pictures in the video are symbolic for the wisdom that one has gained through lessons that they learned by overcoming difficult obstacles in life.
Directed by Teddy Pal Visions, the elegance and discernment that we gain through the lessons is reflected as the scenes change, showing the key to how positive introspection can be for all of us. RJay is the perfect addition to the pensive state that this music video brings, introducing a soft tune as he sings the chorus. Spitting nothing but bars, Lindon intelligently decides to go a cappella at the end, as his intense words pierce through with authenticity, substance, and meaning that is timeless. Press play and get lost in the real him. 
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