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Human Error Club delivers an experimental jazz opus with debut EP

 The Human Error Club is an experimental jazz trio hailing from sunny Los Angeles, California and whose members consist of jazz drummer Mekala Sessions along with keyboardists Jesse Justice and Diego Gaeta. With each of the members rising as staples within Los Angeles's burgeoning DIY music community, this group's conception is an epiphany within the scene. Their debut self-titled, 8 track EP is a result from a two-hour jam session late last year and is a deep dive into the collective's expansive taste, as the project pulls from parts of krautrock, classical soul, psychedelic funk, and of course jazz.

Tracks like "Before" and "Street Food" showcase the trio's intricate skill paired with their off-kilter inclinations. The improvisational jam nature of the EP leads to very seamless transition between the different "tracks" of the project, which highly encourages listeners to explore in sequence to get the full effect. It is refreshing debut release from the group and their newly founded Preference Records labels that shows a lot of promise for future releases in the near future. 


Connect with Human Error Club: Instagram / Twitter



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