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Rob Twizz takes us on a trip to "Croatia" [Video]

Yonkers Rob Twizz takes us on a trip to Europe in his fiery new release "Croatia." 

Rob Twizz is a versatile artist, frequently releasing different kinds of music. Typically giving us conscious rap, Twizz switches it up and gives us something fun that we can dance to. Over a high-energy beat, Twizz raps a few words in the Croatian language while including energetic Croatian folklore beats. Sonically, we get a taste of the culture's classic sounds while still incorporating a modern spin. The catchy chorus he raps, "If she looks good with no makeup, I'll take her to Croatia," had us singing along nonstop. Twizz' impeccable flow and delivery is the extra cherry on top that keeps us hooked from start to finish. When you're craving some adventure or find yourself wanting to seek some fun abroad, press play on Twizz's latest release.
Connect with Rob Twizz: Twitter | Instagram | Spotify  


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