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BJRNCK enlists Boogie for her debut single "Real"

Burgeoning singer, BJRNCK, dropped her debut single today. Enlisting support from West-coast rapper Boogie, "Real" indulges in the need for authentic connection. BJRNCK's debut EP set to release sometime in October.

Produced by Eesh, "Real" is a slow-burning, sultry cut that delves into the typical woes of dating and relationships. Over the smooth canon of BJRNCK's melodic voice, Boogie's recognizable delivery opens the song up with a raw and honest verse. Battling his own struggles of inauthenticity and insecurity, he dives into his desire to be real, and to have something real as well. BJRNCK picks up where Boogie leaves off, expressing her own needs while effortlessly floating over minimalist production. Her cutthroat, straightforward delivery makes it obvious that the young singer-songwriter knows what she wants. 

BJRNCK has been waiting for the perfect time to break onto the scene. Despite successfully auditioning for The Voice and American Idol, it wasn't until she signed to ATS Records last year that she would really dive into her craft. Combining the soul of her hometown in Chicago with the business savvy of L.A., the young artist is striving to build a name for herself.

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