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After a tumultuous year, Nightbirde finally declares "IT'S OK" in an electrifying follow-up to her debut

Not all great songs have great stories, and not all great stories result in great songs. But in the case of Nashville's latest pop voice, Nightbirde, the two seem to be cosmically intertwined. Following the release of her debut single a little over a year ago, she underwent an arduous medical journey with her second cancer diagnosis. After months of fighting the bleak diagnosis, she was finally declared to be cancer-free, with her celebration quickly turning over into her newest single, "IT'S OK." 

While "Girl In a Bubble" was written largely as an emotional response to her first remission, "IT'S OK" aims to put as much distance between her and the past year as possible—"I blow through yellow lights and don't look back at all." Letting her voice play for the first time in months, she stands by calmly as it carefully scopes out its new neon colored surroundings, teasing the sparkling synths with quick pace changes and blithe commentary. 

Chasing the throbbing beat of the drum kicks, she doesn't let herself get lost in the loud production, instead letting it cleanse her of all the suffering and the doubts she'd had to endure. A reaction she hopes to evoke in anyone listening who may be feeling the same: "When I was in the thick of illness, I swore to myself that I would write the songs that people need to get through those times, and that's what I plan to do." 

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