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Meet Nightbirde, the "Girl in a Bubble"

Sometimes, life can make you feel alienated. You feel like you're different than everyone else, or like your life is a story just for others to see. For Nightbirde, that feeling is all too familiar. Her debut single "Girl in a Bubble" is about that feeling of disconnection.

Singer-songwriter Jane Claudio, 28, is one of Nashville's newer acts. A young woman with a rollercoaster story filled with trial and bravery, Claudio has had to overcome great lows to become who she is today. She has evolved sonically over the years into an electro-pop palette, colorizing her folky beginnings with a wave of tasteful synth and ambitious post-modern swells. It's almost like Lorde meets Daft Punk with a smidgen of Taylor Swift.

In September of 2017, Claudio was diagnosed with breast cancer. She went through chemotherapy and surgery, put a halt on her music, and fought.

When a fan on Instagram asked Nightbirde the meaning behind her name, she replied,

"Woke up in the night three times, dreaming of birds singing in the dark. The third time, I went to the window and they were there—singing morning songs at 3am. I wanted to be one of them—singing as if it was morning, though I couldn’t see it yet. 🌙"

Nightbirde describes her period of cancer as not only one of sickness and physical pains, but also emotional numbness. "The song is about the desire to be present and connect–but the inability to do so," she says. "Everyone has felt it before–that 'otherness'. When there seems to be a film between you and the rest of the world."

Now, Jane Claudio is cancer free. She's been writing plenty of music and is ready to share her stories with the world.

You can follow Nightbirde: Website | Youtube | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

Electro Pop · Synth Pop


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