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Ricky Retro and Lilo remix Tupac's "Still Ballin" just in time for the week ahead [Video]

Last week a brand new mysterious octopus popped up on the scene making a splash, literally, with his debut single Can’t Get You Out Of My Head which was a bassy slap house cover of Kylie Minogue’s hit song. Now, LILO the octopus is back giving us a collaboration with one of the most entertaining artists in dance music - Ricky Retro.

Cowboy by day and producer by night, you may have seen Ricky Retro’s outrageous personality on IG or heard his bootleg of the Chicago Bulls Theme song or controversial collaboration with Joe Exotic which was quickly removed from streaming platforms. 

Together, Rik & LILO put an energetic and fun spin on Tupac’s classic “Still Ballin” featuring Kurupt. This song gives similar vibes to Matoma’sOld Thing Back with Notorious B.I.G. but be sure to listen and decide for yourself. By ramping up the BPM and swapping the old school hip hop drums for a modern dance package they give us all the energy we all need now!

We do not know much yet about LILO the octopus (his Instagram states his ghost producer is from Sweden via South Korea) but one week into his career, he has us excited for what he will do next.

Connect with LILO: Instagram | Spotify| Twitter

Connect with Ricky Retro: Instagram | Spotify | Twitter



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