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Sync 24 and Radioactive Man are masters at work in "Downforce"

Sync 24 and Radioactive Man have joined forces to release an explosive electro weapon, Downforce, via Weapons of Desire. A limited, single-sided vinyl release of 200, featuring a remix from Jensen Interceptor, this is a must-have for lovers of pure, gritty electro. Easily a record which will stand the test of time, it’s impossible to choose a favourite between the original and the remix; it’s incredible work from three of the most well respected names in the genre.

Sync 24 and Radioactive Man’s original opens things up with ferocious breaks before layering in a myriad of mechanical bleeps and whirrs. A robotic lead ups the groove levels ten fold; this sort of electro belongs on a huge soundsystem in a tiny basement. Frantic and yet completely controlled, Phil Bolland and Keith Tenniswood are masters at work in “Downforce”. Bass-heavy moments come into play in the second half of the track, stripping things back and allowing the percussion to do the talking — before snapping back in full force. There’s so much going on it’s impossible to pinpoint just what makes this track so special, but this one will be doing the rounds for many moons to come.

Jensen Interceptor steps up on remix duties to pull out something equally as impressive as the original. Toning down the breakbeats and opting for a sturdier, four-to-the-floor bassline, the two are incomparable. Splatterings of extra-terrestrial noises gear us up to be transported to another planet before things take a dark turn. Coming in with some serious 808 action, the “Downforce” remix couldn’t have come from anyone other than Mikey Melas; if you’re familiar with his productions, you’ll understand. Throw in a couple of supernatural synths and we’ve got another complete dancefloor melter. You could play this remix straight after the original and nobody would be any the wiser. Though we’d expect great things from all three artists, this might even be better than one could hope for.

Downforce can be purchased via Bandcamp.

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