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Body Language find "Perfection" ahead of upcoming LP

Experimental pop group Body Language is part early Madonna, part indie disco and part soul and R&B. Safe to say, Body Language is the embodiment of genre-bending cool. With the release of the fresh and bubbly track 'Perfection', the band sets a high bar for their anticipated upcoming LP titled Travel Guide.

'Perfection' offers a playful and bouncy instrumental coupled with a melodic hook that's sugary sweet and undeniably catchy. The track taps into notions of a once perfect place or time, and the fleeting nature of so-called perfect moments. As the band says, "we love how alluring Perfection is on the surface...because all the while, we're portraying the impending ruin approaching...and just like the, the track unravels." This tension cuts through the sweetness of the synths and gives this dance-y number an enticing, dark edge. 

Explore more of Body Language on their forthcoming LP Travel Guide available for preorder here.

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