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SIPPRELL shares a gloomy outlook on life on "Planes"

London based artist and producer SIPPRELL shares her self-produced single "Planes" ahead of her upcoming EP, Bad History. The atmospheric track seamlessly blends indie-pop melodies with deep R&B rhythm and was conceived with added production from Chloe Martini.

"Planes" exudes very hearty and uplifting undertones with its bright slinky guitars and steady percussive claps. But the lyrics get deeper than the light atmospheric backdrop as SIPPRELL reflects on humanity’s impact over the planet and the constant race for advancement regardless of the repercussions. That might seem like a lot to ponder but don't worry as the singer carefully balances the pessimism in the message with a natural warmth delivered through her soft airy voice to capture her intent perfectly.

"Planes" is the follow up single to her last single "Nu Low" and is the third single from her upcoming EP Bad History due out shortly.

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