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Greya crafts a distinguished sound in new single "All Hell Breaks Loose" [Video]

In music, the soul is in the sound, Philadelphia singer-songwriter talent Greya knows this better than most, and that shows in her new single “All Hell Breaks Loose.” From the catacombs of her mind, where doubts of reaching stardom die, comes a single that like erupting magma is hot and brilliant, smoldering long after its initial blast. “All Hell Breaks Loose” nurtures an ominous ambiance in its intro comprised of sustained hymns, subtle church organ swells, and Greya’s classy vocal delivery, all surrendering to an aggressive beat that toys with music genres.

The sliding bass, dubstep/industrial embellishments, and ghostly background vocal accents all work to transform Greya’s brand of pop into something bordering the experimental, the avant, the obscure. The music veteran, whose career spans nearly ten years, at the young age of 21, is skillfully sewing various sonic fabrics into an outfit that is unmistakable her own. To heighten the single’s spiritual nature, a music video directed by renowned photographer Malike Sidibe, whose dream-like aesthetics augment the dark themes of the song, provides a perfect accompaniment.

For Greya, all exploration of sound is a gift that almost wasn’t, having been deaf for the first two months of her life, and this surely appears to be the force that drives her experimental approach. If the soul of an artist rests in the sound they create, Greya’s is a fierce one, displayed in the refrains of “All Hell Breaks Loose,” which will haunt listeners long after the song stops playing.

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