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Oddnote’s latest “Unknown” tackles the trippiness of the universe that we don’t understand

Nashville-based Oddnote’s new track “Unknown” is the first in a series of singles that mark a thematic turn to the introspective and political. With notes of punk and surf-rock, “Unknown” sets out to tackle the overwhelming realization of how small one’s place in the world is. If we zoom out of our globe and into the universe, we are really just a small speck. The upcoming visual shows exactly this, the disorienting vertigo of trying to wrap your mind around the vastness of unknowns that surround our minuscule existence.

In the next few months, we can expect two more singles that were meant to be a part of an album. “Copacetic” is about “people’s willingness to know that someone is depressed and sad and not provide a helping hand. No one usually cares too much for someone until something happens to them,” explains Oddnote’s frontman Arman Asadsangabi. “Today” is a mellow Nirvana-esque outpour of Asadsangabi’s own personal struggles and coping mechanisms.

All three of these songs were mixed by Jeremy Ferguson at Battle Tapes recording studio in Nashville (the same studio where Cage the Elephant recorded Social Cues). It was a perfect space for Asadsangabi and bandmates Keason Henry, William Cheatham, Brandon Bitton, and Matthew Crutcher to create a gritty mix of rock sounds spanning from the 1960’s to now.

For Oddnote, Asadsangabi is the common thread. While past group projects have fizzled out, constantly working with new people has kept the group alive and provided endless possibilities for inspiration and collaboration. “It gives me a chance to meet as many different musicians as I can, but not just meet them. When you make music you’re sharing your soul with someone. Essentially I get to share my soul with a bunch of different people. I think it’s very invigorating and makes me really proud each time I create something with someone,” Asadsangabi explains. “Not having a set band is awesome because Oddnote can never die. As long as I’m alive, Oddnote will continue to move on.”

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