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KiNG MALA confesses she’s “sugarblind” in lusting new single

Hailing from El Paso, Texas, alt soul artist KiNG MALA delivers her addictive new track “sugarblind.” Deriving from her unwavering sweet tooth, the artist compares this strong appetite with the feeling of desire for someone. A feeling we’re all familiar with, whether it’s food or a loved one, we all know that when you get that itch, you just need to scratch it. 

Currently based in Los Angeles, KiNG MALA (Areli Castro), has formulated an irresistible sound, glistening with delicious synths, a sultry bassline and sassy vocals. “sugarblind” emits an almost hypnotic effect, leaving listeners completely bewitched. 

KiNG MALA stands for rebellious individuality, she stands for femininity and she stands for bountiful self-love. Not afraid to break barriers and defy categorization, the musician shares, “Thats really the inspiration for the name KiNG MALA, king cuz fuck being someone’s queen, and mala literally means “bad bitch” in spanish.”

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