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The Phoenix Foundation unleash the "Hounds of Hell" in latest single [Video]

New Zealand sextet The Phoenix Foundation make a fiery return with single "Hounds of Hell" ahead of their forthcoming album titled Friend Ship out October 16th. Featuring artist Nadia Reid, this latest single presents a dreamy soundscape that is both immersive and richly textured.

"Hounds of Hell" offers layered synth riffs and measured drums that draw upon dream pop and subtle psychedelia. Reid's smooth vocal performance brings terrific sonic intrigue to the track and offers a moody call and response with the group's frontman, Samuel Flynn Scott. Lyrically, the song taps into the strangeness of the modern world and finding friendships in difficult times. These themes are further explored in the group's forthcoming album Friend Ship as Scott notes how "the album is a sort of apocalyptic love letter from the future to the past. Looking back into the past for that sense of human connection we have lost in out screen-based existence." 

The accompanying visuals for "Hounds of Hell" show Reid and Scott in an embrace, spinning like ballet dancers in a music box against a golden hour sky. The saturated colors are gorgeous and wonderfully dramatic as the video presents a moment of vulnerability that feels genuine and tender.

Look for The Phoenix Foundation's upcoming album "Friend Ship", out October 16th and available for preorder here.

Connect with The Phoenix Foundation: Instagram | Facebook | Spotify

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