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Retropxssy delivers a cheeky "Double Take"

Retropxssy's deadpan style may not cater to all but that is exactly what makes her unique and I dare say, extremely eccentric. On her new release titled "Double Take," she takes us for a zany sensual ride that is rife with weird sexual references that would make some of us blush and laugh out loud. With a hook that goes "I like it when you double-take, pretend to bite my lip ok, where you going I don't care, just somewhere far away" you know the fun is just about to begin.

Sonically, "Double Take" reminds me of the early Odd Future tracks with it's ominous and somewhat monotonous arrangement. That doesn't take away from the song as Retropxssy's off-kilter kinky lyrics push the artistic envelope with lines like "Happy little cat in my cage shut up, sip the last milk from your cup/ softly beating on the box let darkness burns/ squish my eyelids/ never know it till you try it." She has an unrestricted and elaborate way of structuring her words, which only adds further strength to the track's vivid imagery and intent.

"Double Take" is Retropxssy's eclectic take on love, intimate desires, the male gaze, and sexuality. If you are down for the alternative, out the box type rap like us, well you are in the right place. Get it on Soundcloud.

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