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YB points to the sky as he shows us who is "The Greatest" [Video]

Arkansas artist YB drops a moving visual "The Greatest," an eye opening single in to today's climate and the fight for social justice.

YB recently dropped a new EP PROVISION which emphasizes on his growth in a profound way, particularly intertwining the connection with a higher power in addition to the struggles that are currently happening in the world. "The Greatest" is one of the tracks on this album, finally dropping the long-awaited visual. Powerfully continuing the theme of faith, he effortlessly incorporates God and his beliefs through imagery-filled wordplay, depicting them as light, as he walks through the dark in order to get through these hard times. Creating fascinating lyrics while capturing the meaning in a catchy chorus by the repetition of "The Greatest," his raw emotions and music in the form of a prayer is undeniably felt by those who keep an open heart. With soul-gripping words accompanied by harmonic beats powerful enough to leave a great impact, they perfectly match the inspirational flashbacks from the Black Lives Matter protests and the pain that this society is still going through. It's still Black Lives Matter. It will always be Black Lives Matter. 
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