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The Neighbourhood returns with “Cherry Flavoured” and album news

California-based alt-rock group The Neighbourhood has come a long way since their smash hit, “Sweater Weather” back in 2013, since releasing three studio albums, each unique and exploring a different style. The band gave a peek of their upcoming album Chip Chrome & the Mono-tones with their August 2019 single,“Middle of Somewhere”. Now, almost a year later, their newest track, “Cherry Flavoured” features an acoustic guitar-driven melody and shows a more dreary and melancholy side to the group. 

The soft strums of an electric guitar in the distance are masked by the acoustic guitar in the front to create a deeper layer and texture to the song. It demonstrates the band's growth both musically and lyrically, as they still maintain their California sound. But, they're steering away from the experimental rock and hip-hop beats and stripping down to just a few instruments, creating a candid and warm track. The accompanying animated music video recalls a 90s Saturday morning cartoon, which could mean the band longs for simpler times. 

Listen to “Cherry Flavoured” now and tune in when their new album comes out September 25.

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