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Tom Boy delivers an uplifting message in new single "Thunder"

While some artists externalize their emotions towards current world events, others like Toronto’s Tom Boy look inward and inspire with singles like his latest “Thunder”— a new release unapologetic about its rumbling pop sound. Armed with a snaky acoustic guitar riff and a groovy drum pattern so intricate, “Thunder” pushes its message of comfort primarily via the collected and smooth vocals of Tom Boy singing hooks like “When you hear that thunder/ When everything feels like it’s going under/ I’m right here.”

Tom Boy found out, as many of us have recently, that social media and the flow of information is at its most polarized and overwhelming, within that turmoil he extends to us a song of motivation and reassurance. The bass guitar that palpitates away and the excellent voice-layering in production help give the song its modern pop feel and announce Tom Boy as a player in the field with a distinctive voice and message. In the dialogue with friends and loved ones, Tom Boy has found the inspiration for “Thunder,” and we all benefit certainly.

Perhaps above all else, a dialogue is still the answer, to listen takes patience and understanding, Tom Boy is calling for that through a song that irresistibly delivers the message. We may not be able to turn off the news cycle entirely, but the music still provides escapism so precious. “Thunder” takes all that makes pop music great, such as relatability and chic appeal, and harnesses that to get us thinking about a better way to face tomorrow.

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