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Enigmatic artist Bloody White drops home-made videos for singles "Tongue Tied" & "Funeral"

Self-taught singer-songwriter and producer Bloody White is enigmatic as they come. Here’s what we know for sure - he’s been making music since the age of 11, he’s now 19 and he makes some pretty amazing music.

Currently gearing up to release his debut EP You’d Walk Right Over Me – due on September 8 – Bloody is ready and set to unleash his authentic artistic vision, with two new singles and accompanying videos. The series of home-made videos were both shot entirely with an old VHS camera that he’s had since he was a child. The videos are unfiltered and real, offering fans of his music the first-ever peek inside the world of Bloody White.

An artful blend of catchy electronic beats and raw lyricism, Bloody's music is both personal to his own experiences of teen-hood and yet open to interpretation. With a slate of brand new music on the way, Bloody showcases his incredible sonic duality on his latest singles- a catchy, lo-fi electro-pop offering “Tongue Tied" and a melodic, angsty-pop track "Funeral."


With a layered production of frenzied electro-tinged chords and sharp basslines, “Tongue Tied,” centres around the relatable burden of counterproductive decisions. While the chorus - “hey! hi! how’s it go? send a text and let me know,” – is wonderfully catchy and simple, a closer look at the transparent lyricism reveals the loneliness, desparation and self-destructive instincts of humanity in vivid clarity. 

Speaking of the video for “Tongue Tied,” White shared, “The video for “tongue-tied” is really a compilation/culmination of the last year and a half. It’s little moments from that time since I finished the EP. The way it looks and flows is true to the vibe of the song and I love how it came out.”


Loud and angry yet emotive and cautiously optimistic, “Funeral," flips the sonic and lyrical narrative of "Tongue Tied," as a melancholic, raging melody gives way to blooming hope. Boasting a lacerating, dark soundscape of heavy basslines and scratchy chords, the track's sonic arrangement paints a heartwrenching picture of sorrow. But, surprises listeners with its positive themes of rebirth and rising from the ashes of your mistakes.

Adding on about the video for “Funeral,” White said, “The second one is similarly about how that song feels to me. The location we chose to shoot it at is eerie and has a cemetery. I just wanted to be surrounded by heavy shit like death and religion.

In addition, to his unusual and inventive sense of music, the rising star plays around with his unique sense of style. Pulling from his penchant for using facemasks as a fashion accessory- long before they became a mandatory measure against COVID-19- Bloody is also dropping an AR/VR Instagram filter  for “Tongue Tied,” that plays around with the concept of facemasks.

Refining music born out of frustration and isolation with innovative samples and beats, Bloody White is changing the pop-music game by breaking down music barriers. Contemplative, raw, and genuine, Bloody White, pulls listeners in with his mystique and rooting them in place with his talent. 

Connect with Bloody White: Instagram | Facebook | Spotify

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