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C. SHIROCK assures us that “Come Summer” things will be better 

Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter C. SHIROCK drops his latest single “Come Summer.” An encouraging anthem about the desire for better days, the track glistens with soaring synths, warm vocals and a driving beat, reminiscent of a hazy mediterranean vacation. 

Hailing from a family of musicians, creativity runs deep through C. SHIROCK's veins. His early start in music results in his songs emitting a strong essence of musical maturity, delivering something with both substance and charisma. As a songwriter, he touches on relatable themes such as loss, vices, innocence and unrequited love, allowing listeners to connect with him on a more meaningful level and providing a much needed sense of relief for those in need. 

C. SHIROCK shared in a statement, “It’s a song about hoping for simpler days - days of ease, the feeling of summer, a time of stillness in the midst of life’s often tumultuous seasons. But also recognizing that there is a time for every season.”

"Come Summer" is the songwriter's followup to the moodiery "All We Have Is This Moment" released earlier in the year. 

Connect with C. SHIROCK : Facebook | Twitter | Instagram 



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