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boylife concocts a contrasting pair of songs on 'church / boston'

A duplet from LA-based artist, boylife, was released earlier in the month featuring "church" and "boston." The self-written, self-recorded singles were produced alongside collaborator and good friend Nick Velez.

The first of the two-track release, "church," is a vulnerable showcase of the frustrations that Yoo feels towards religion. Distorted sonics and brash lyrics create a chilling two and a half minutes of venting for the musician. The gritty guitar distortions blare right into the following track "boston." A soulful ballad, boylife delivers James Blake-like vocals with a soft vinyl static running across the track. "Boston" has a tremendously larghetto pace and Yoo's patient singing mashes together to form a passionate gospel-like tone.

Ryan Yoo, known as boylife, put out his debut single earlier this past February, "peas", and has been putting out music steadily all year. 

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