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Dea Matrona's "Make You My Star" brings rock and roll back to summer

Some may claim that rock and roll reached its climax in decades long past, and isn't truly coming back. But it’s difficult not to argue with that theory when you hear an eager, banging, guitar-soaked rhythm pouring from a fresh track. Dea Matrona hail from Belfast, and within this first listen of the all-female group's new single “Make You My Star,” summer 2020 just got a whole lot more classic.

The band consists of siblings Mollie and Mamie McGuinn and their lifelong friend Orlaith Forsythe, and the band is a fast moving train pulling in straight from the '70s. They aren't dissimilar to The Runaways, with their sizzling, immediately present rhythms. Listening to classic rock is reliving hot summer nights, awaiting the lengthy electric guitar solo three quarters in, and hearing vibrant vocal confidence – and all of these storied traditions are alive and well in "Make You My Star." Their ages ranging from 16 to 20, and the group has steadily gained notoriety since their formation in 2018, with Irish music legend Imelda May giving them the two-thumbs-up.  

Considering their obvious fervor to resolutely shred on their instruments, their comfort piecing together a heavier live-quality sound, and pulling from influences of Rock greats who came before them, Dea Matrona is proving that rock and roll summers are back and here to stay. 

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