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Silver Sphere leads fans into the silversphere with “Crowd”

Indie-pop artist Silver Sphere released her debut album yikes! back in October 2019. Short and sweet, the album definitely brought some glittering neon night vibes. Popular tracks like “drinking games” “boys in bands” and “sucks 4 u” bore a cool, over-it attitude that made Silver so distinct. She shamelessly declared that she’s sick and tired of the past loves who treated her poorly.

Today, however, Silver invites her fans into her alternate world in which she reveals a different side to herself.  In her new track “Crowd”, Silver continues with her signature sound. However, she opens up about the emotions behind her hard exterior.  Silver layers her soothing vocals over a lo-fi beat. It makes the song even more poignant when she confesses, “You asked if it's been on my mind all summer /And if I said no, then I'd be lying. / I looked for you in every single crowd.”

In a recent post detailing her new collection “All My Boyfriends”, Silver describes the silversphere as the enchanted place where she and her fans can “feel our emotions freely and to escape our problems or contemplate them.” So, we can most likely expect more songs like “Crowd” to come.  

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