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Indie pop savant CHERITON delivers dynamic and comprehensive debut EP "Parallel"

A lifetime love of music drew Nick Harrison to his nations capital, London, and amongst the diverse culture and bustling music scene, his musical identity began to truly take shape. CHERITON, his solo indie-pop project was born shortly after, and on his debut EP, Parallel, he offers a comprehensive multifaceted take on his nuanced, bordering on timeless sound.

Opening with the title track, Harrison's natural ear for melody is abundantly clear. A dusty drum machine sets the foundation for the jubilant guitars and vocal to strike a synergistically addictive melody, and as the track progresses, masterfully placed textures elevate the track from charming bedroom pop to a resplendent, rapturous wall of sound.  Maintaining a similar sonic palette, "Little Late Little Love" sees him lean further into the distinctions of his vocal character, but as a more downtempo, poignant riposte. This melancholic, introspective tone continues onto the final original track of the project, "Wish You The Best," an acoustic guitar-led affair which ties the concurrent lovesick theme to a dutiful close.

Joining the three originals are also two live tracks, the title track and a cover of modern pop icon, Robyn's "Ever Again."

Discussing the EP in an email statement, Nick states, “Written after a break-up, the Parallel EP is a collection of songs which helped me get my head around it. Recorded over the course of a year alongside other time-consuming things (work/life) it's my first collection of songs and I’m so proud it’s finally available for people to listen to. The world is a strange and scary place at the moment, seemingly so little positives alongside so many negatives. I feel at times so disconnected with all that’s going on, behind a screen, locked away missing friends and family as we all do.  This EP I suppose is my way of connecting with people again, sharing myself in these songs."

Parallel is out now via So Good So Good.

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