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Pit LDN presents 'International Affairs Vol. 1' featuring artists from around the globe

UK music and talent platform Pit LDN has been providing resources for emerging acts by way of their multifaceted programs ranging from their blog to their weekly radio program ReprezentRadio. On their latest endeavor, International Affairs Vol. 1 they asked the various artists affiliated to them to craft a song during the lockdown. Teaming up with acts from different genres and countries, the 7 track project offers an eclectic mix of styles like neo-soul, alternative rap, and much more.


The project opens up with "Liars Lullaby", a moody soulful gem from singer South London BINA who explores the blurred lines between love and deceit. Emerging rapper Fresco comes through with that classic boom bap bounce on his effort titled "Beam Hi," a reflective cut that is also laced with enough charisma and bravado to fill an entire room. The project switches into fourth gear with the upbeat grooves of "Holla" by eclectic lyricist Life who also brings in singer Gilly Heller to add some soul into the mix. Other standout tracks include the highly emotive"High Heels" by Toronto singer Joyia and the dreamy shoegaze-Esque arrangements of "Pressure" by Twelve25.  For a compilation project, International Affairs Vol. 1 may be considered short for some but we have to give them kudos for checking some important boxes including the range of styles and quality of the songs. No two songs sound the same and the artists all offer something refreshing from the gate.

Besides the gift of exposure, this project will also support up and coming artists during Covid-19, and 100% of the profits from this Bandcamp exclusive will go directly to the artists.

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