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Olan! means business in 'Postbreakout Takeover' EP

Swiss producer Olan! has returned to his own 0x01 Records label with five new rugged techno cuts. Postbreakout Takeover is rough, ready and fuelled by raw modulations; it’s unyielding techno which is laced with groove throughout.

Each track has its own distinctly different sound, which keeps the EP fresh and exciting as it unwinds. Title track and opener “Postbreakout Takeover” offers ground-shaking kicks and hypnotic synths — it’s perhaps the most abrasive of the lot. A track which has relentless energy from its earliest moments, “Postbreakout Takeover” is pounding warehouse music in its purest form. Expect this one to be doing damage once dancefloors reopen.

Both “0x4034A3” and closing track “Cosmic Hierarchies” bring a different level of murkiness to the EP. Savage, erratic percussion and eerie pads combine to create haunting soundscapes that feel like a head spin into the abyss — it’s truly dark stuff. “Our Digital Skies” and “Velocity Scanner” counteract the tense sounds of the previous tracks with two intensely fun, club-ready selections.

“Our Digital Skies” is seven minutes of intense breaks, layered with subtle shimmery synths and moments of thunderous bass and percussion; it has the best of both worlds, offering a moments illumination amongst the angst of the other tracks — whilst not straying too far from Olan!’s unique sound. “Velocity Scanner” is a pumping, acid-tinged roller, brimming with 303s and vigour. High-energy and made for the rave, it’s hard to choose a stand out between this and “Our Digital Skies.” For lovers of anything acid, “Velocity Scanner” is a must-listen; the build-ups alone have more zeal than most track's peak-moments do.

Postbreakout Takeover can be streamed and purchased via Bandcamp.

Connect with Olan!: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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