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VIZE and Imanbek join forces with Dieter Bohlen and Leony for a rousing rework of "Brother Louie"

German and Russian respectively, house music heavyweights VIZE and Imanbek have tapped German vocalist Leony to ply her talents to their rework of the timeless '80s hit, "Brother Louie," a song originally performed by iconic German duo Modern Talking.

A timeless classic, VIZE and Imanbek worked closely with original member of the duo, Dieter Bohlen, to capture the same raucous energy from the original, whilst pushing it in an adrenaline-pumping new direction. Rejuvenating "Brother Louie" for 2020, each element is masterfully transposed into their trademark hard-hitting house stylings, with the unforgettable melody delivered by Leony's sugary, bordering on ethereal tones.

"Brother Louie" is out now via Ultra Recordings.

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