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Take a bite out of MELVV’s juicy new single “Nectarines” [Video]

Electronic DJ MELVV has teamed up with alt-pop artist Royal & the Serpent for an energetic new release, “Nectarines.” The accompanying music video is a colorful visual aid for the hypnotic beat. Royal and the Serpent’s whimsical vocals acts as the perfect overlay to MELVV’s upbeat production. The track provides much needed festival vibes for any quarantine playlist.

“Nectarines” is a versatile summertime bop. MELVV’s articulate blend of synths and drums makes this single a standout electronica hit. The mesmerizing opening sequence and dance inducing chorus creates a catchy pop melody. The consecutive change ups and riffs effortlessly mold the two genres together.  Royal sings, “You got me feeling like a summer dream, tipsy floating down your sugar streams. Taste so sweet I’m high like seventeen, yellow yellow yellow nectarine.” This track is a chocolate factory to the ears and Royal’s lyricism has Willy Wonka’s imagination. MELVV’s sound is an Everlasting Gobstopper that satisfies no matter how many times it is played.

The collaboration between the two artists has created a well-rounded project crafted entirely from a distance. MELVV shared, “Royal and I made this song and music video over email without even meeting each other in person! A bit of an ode to 2020 and social distancing.” The song is a testament to both artists’ ability to adapt to current situations and still release new music. The infectious electro-pop beat makes it impossible for listeners to refrain from tapping their toes to the sound or bopping their heads to the chorus.

Check out MELVV's EARMILK: Presents performance from earlier this spring.

Connect with MELVV: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube

Connect with Royal & the Serpent: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube

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