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Nealo and Uly bridge the gap between soul and hip-hop on "You Can't Go Home Again"

Dublin-born rapper Nealo is gearing up for a busy year. His highly anticipated debut album is slated for release this autumn, and he released its lead single, "You Can't Go Home Again" today (July 17th). 

Released via Diffusion Lab, the track features rich, heavily layered production that sits comfortably between neo-soul and electro-pop. Its lush backdrop is courtesy of Nealo's friends and longtime collaborators Uly and Adam Garrett, and elevates the Dubliner's introspective, autobiographical style, making it feel that much more intimate. Make no mistake: for all its laidback, breezy nostalgia, there is substance in "You Can't Go Home Again." Nealo taps into a very real melancholy, the result of Irish diaspora across the globe over many years. 

“You Can’t Go Home Again is about leaving," Nealo says. "It’s a song about missing both a person that you love, and a city that you love. No one stands untouched by emigration. We have all left cities and friends behind, or have had friends leave in search of a better life, an adventure, or a future for themselves. This one is an ode to the people and cities that I had to leave behind, and that each time I left, I never felt like I was the same person after. Everything changes with the miles and years.” 

  • Feature image by Bobby Zithelo. 

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