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Abroad's "Alright, OK" music video is the carefree release we need right now

Get ready to dance down the street with Australian electronic duo Abroad. Their new music video for "Alright, OK" is a carefree release, perfect for anyone feeling cooped up at home right now.

In a year where self-isolation has become the norm, "Alright, OK" serves up a pop banger that is both euphoric and eerie. In the music video, band members Jack Dawson and Will Cruger perform their club-ready track on an empty sidewalk. Meanwhile, a lone dancer crosses their path on the quiet city streets. Cruger explains: "Partly inspired by our experiences being quarantined, the video is about taking a moment to reassess what’s really important, and whether it's been with you all along."

Interestingly, isolation is central to Abroad's creative process. The duo live in different cities (one in Melbourne, one in Sydney), demoing their songs separately before coming together to record. While we can all relate to the feeling of being apart, Abroad makes the experience sound sublime.

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